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"As a first time mom who was eager to continue to exercise and move my body throughout my pregnancy, I most appreciated that Genevieve did personalized prenatal yoga sessions with me in the final weeks of my pregnancy. Genevieve was a huge source of support throughout labor and delivery (on christmas day, nonetheless), too. She decorated our room with warm Christmas lights, reminded my partner to order and eat some food, and advocated for our needs with our medical team throughout our hospital stay. We were so grateful for her support and care as we welcomed our daughter into the world!" - L.S. 
"Genevieve is an exceptional doula. She provides steady support and anticipates the needs of her clients with great insight. Her approach is nuanced and detailed. She makes you feel safe, cherished and empowered to birth and receive life." - Emily G.
"Thank you so much for standing by my side and helping me in some part of my pregnancy journey. You were incredibly amazing yesterday and I appreciate everything you did for me. God bless you." - F.a.J.
“Thanks so much! So appreciative of your help!!! <3!!!” - Heidi, Jon, F & P
"We found that as first-time parents, having someone in the room who could help us make decisions and talk to the medical team helped keep me calm during what could have been a truly scary delivery. Having Evie to turn to with questions and her strong, supportive and gentle presence both before and after delivery made the experience so much less stressful." - E.S. 
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