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My Work

I want to share some pictures showing my birth support and beyond. These are pictures clients have shared with me from the birthing rooms I am forever grateful to serve. 


Sometimes support is hands on. I am blessed to have clients that trust my touch. 

The setting in the room is important to me. I love to work with my clients to find out how to make their birthing space comfortable for them. 


I am using some Spinning Babies training that I have learned along my doula journey here to help get baby into optimal fetal positioning. Providing movement, comfort and anything my birthing persons desire to achieve the birth they want is something I will strive to do every single birth I attend.

While it is completely up to each individual to grant me the opportunity of touch. There are times that I am lucky enough to hold this new human while Mama is busy being take care of herself. What a beautiful opportunity that I have and will always cherish. Ten months later this little still responds and walks to me at a visit. There is something so special and dear to my heart in moments like these. 

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